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To achieve the best results, Domina Management offers the owner of the hotel facility various options for business cooperation, the best of which are direct management contracts and franchising. Be part of an internationally renowned network.

A direct management contract will allow the owner to competently build the technological processes of the business, speed up the launch and increase the profitability of the hotel.  Depending on the stage of development of the project, the contract can be supplemented by hotel development services.

In addition to the rights to use the brand and high standards associated with the direct management contract, the hotel owner receives:

  • hotel management system implementation and adaptation services
  • key personnel training services
  • cost optimization and revenue management services
  • distribution, sales and marketing services
  • service quality management services
  • consulting support for the entire period
  • general manager recruitment and training services

As a franchisee, a hotel owner gains the opportunity to quickly start a business, boost sales and increase average cost of a room and RevPAR.

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The franchisee receives:

  • the right to use the Domina brand
  • the brand’s operating standards
  • key personnel training services
  • distribution, sales and marketing services
  • consulting support
  • brand audit

The owner can contact us either at the start of business planning or with a finished hotel facility.

Domina Management specialists are ready to contribute at any stage of hotel development and provide a wide range of development and consulting services, ensuring that the facility meets brand standards. 

Hotel development

  • Technical support

    At the facility planning stage or 2-3 years prior to opening

    Our experts will help evaluate the prospects of the planned project, develop the best conceptual solution and provide support at the technical stages for subsequent effective implementation of the project:

    • carry out regional analysis
    • evaluate location prospects
    • evaluate the project’s feasibility
    • determine and propose the best concept
    • prepare proposals for a range of services
    • prepare proposals for the type and category of the object
    • offer a financial and economic justification for the project
    • develop technical specifications for the architectural concept and the project itself
    • develop a technical design specification for interior design
    • conduct an audit of design and construction
    • provide support for the facility’s equipment
  • Preopenning

    6-12 months prior to opening, depending on the number of rooms

    At the stage prior to the launch of a new hotel, our team is ready to contribute by solving the following tasks:

    • implementation of technical regulations, service procedures and corporate standards
    • personnel recruitment, training and adaptation
    • implementation of a personnel performance monitoring system
    • installation of control systems
    • forecasting and budgeting
    • workflow automation
    • software installation and configuration
    • connection to booking systems
    • special conditions when working with suppliers
  • Interaction with Sponsoring Institutions

    In order to implement a Domina hotel facility, the management company is ready to provide services related to borrowing, subsidies and state programs

Hotel consulting

For owners of operating facilities, we conduct:

  • service quality audit
  • audit and optimization of business processes
  • implementation of standards

Be part of an internationally renowned hotel network

We are ready to find the best solution for the challenges your hotel business faces.

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  • Involving a Management Company helps the Owner: impartially and professionally assess the prospects of the planned project; determine the economic feasibility of a conceptual solution; competently build processes for bringing the project to life, both at the design and construction stages, and during the preparation for the opening; minimize costs and risks; quickly build processes and implement standards and procedures. Thus, cooperation with the Management Company will allow the Owner to speed up the launch and increase the profitability of the hotel.
  • The hotel operates in accordance with a package of procedures and service standards of the European level, automatically gaining the opportunity to use the image and loyalty of the chain in the market for promotion. All new hotels of the Domina brand are connected to existing sales channels and promotion programs, and also have the opportunity to enter the international market thanks to the D-Club program, whose regular customers and members abroad have access to information about Russian hotels.
  • The management company can be connected at any stage of the project development. Starting cooperation at earlier stages will increase efficiency and create additional confidence when determining the target segment, when calculating the financial model of the project and its key technical and economic indicators. Cooperation at the early stages also creates an additional advantage in terms of attracting investment, since banks often require a management company with relevant experience to issue a construction loan.
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