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  • Involving a Management Company helps the Owner: impartially and professionally assess the prospects of the planned project; determine the economic feasibility of a conceptual solution; competently build processes for bringing the project to life, both at the design and construction stages, and during the preparation for the opening; minimize costs and risks; quickly build processes and implement standards and procedures. Thus, cooperation with the Management Company will allow the Owner to speed up the launch and increase the profitability of the hotel.
  • The hotel operates in accordance with a package of procedures and service standards of the European level, automatically gaining the opportunity to use the image and loyalty of the chain in the market for promotion. All new hotels of the Domina brand are connected to existing sales channels and promotion programs, and also have the opportunity to enter the international market thanks to the D-Club program, whose regular customers and members abroad have access to information about Russian hotels.
  • The management company can be connected at any stage of the project development. Starting cooperation at earlier stages will increase efficiency and create additional confidence when determining the target segment, when calculating the financial model of the project and its key technical and economic indicators. Cooperation at the early stages also creates an additional advantage in terms of attracting investment, since banks often require a management company with relevant experience to issue a construction loan.
  • After transferring the rights to use the trademark and a set of procedures and standards, the Management Company provides and agrees with the Owner of the hotel facility a budget for 1, 3 and 5 years, provides a general manager, conducts training and staff training, monitors the operation of the hotel and helps achieve target indicators , providing comprehensive consulting support.
  • After transferring the rights to use the trademark and a set of standards, the Management Company conducts mandatory training for staff and monitors the operation of the hotel. Consulting support and training are provided for an additional fee.
  • Yes, there is such an opportunity, the Management Company provides consulting services. If the Owner considers several investment options, the Management Company can conduct marketing research, financial modeling, consider and propose a concept for reconstruction or conversion of an existing facility. After making a decision to purchase the property and develop the project, the Management Company will expect possible continued interaction with the Owner.
  • Domina Management is the official Russian representative of the Italian company Domina Group, has the right to the brand and acts in accordance with Russian legislation, providing partners with all the necessary guarantees. Domina Group is a private organization with its own assets in the country, is not burdened with government contracts abroad, and therefore has no prerequisites for leaving the Russian market.
  • It is necessary to undergo a technical and operational audit and fulfill brand requirements.
  • Domina Management is the representative of the Domina brand in Russia and offers management of collective accommodation facilities only under this brand. We can also offer the owner management of the associated infrastructure of the complex.
  • The cost of the Management Company’s services consists of ROYALTY (payment for the brand) and remuneration - a percentage of revenue or operating profit.
  • For existing hotels, after the first months of cooperation, noticeable positive changes will be observed in operating activities and sales dynamics, and the owner will see the overall financial result at the end of the year of operation.
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